My name is Guida. “In September 2011 I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma breast cancer, and then in August of 2013 with inflammatory breast cancer. Throughout my treatments, I've been blessed to have a great support system of friends and family. They have been instrumental as I continue my journey to beat cancer. But I have met many who weren't as fortunate as me.

 Breast cancer takes a terrible toll on you physically, emotionally and financially. It is far too common that young woman find themselves dire straits because they are single family income earners. The financial strain you face from lost wages, along with the added medical costs, is a burden that many face.”

 Rok Cork has designed the Guida bag to help women undergoing breast cancer treatment. All proceeds from the sale of the Guida bag - that's 115.00 for every bag sold, will be donated to the  a charity created to support breast cancer patients on their road to wellness through short-term financial support. Beating cancer isn’t easy, and we hope we can relieve some of burden so women can focus solely on regaining their health.

 Breast cancer beats you. Physically, mentally, emotionally. It batters you, scars you, breaks you. It takes your strength, it takes your beauty, it takes your hope. And then it makes you pay. That’s where we come in.

At the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund, we give hope. We give help. We give the financial support needed to let breast cancer patients focus, simply and solely, on fighting their disease. 

Every donation, small and large, helps us to provide financial support to breast cancer patients for food, shelter, medication, prosthetics, child care, hospital parking, various treatments and restorative therapies.

 Canada's only breast cancer organization providing financial assistance to breast cancer patients and raising awareness about the importance of prevention when it comes to breast cancer.






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